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Animals That Start With Z

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Welcome to animals that start with Z.

It may not seem like many animals start with the letter Z, but there are surprising ones. You may have gotten stuck while trying to name some of these animals, and we’re here to prevent that from happening again.

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Overview of animals that start with z

1. Zebra


These equine animals are built for the speed needed to survive in Sub-Saharan Africa. These heavy animals can reach 40 miles per hour and have black and white stripes.

Fun Fact: No two Zebras can have the same pattern of stripes.

2. Zebra Finch

Zebra Finch - animals that start with z

Zebra finches do not measure more than four inches in length. The males have striped black and white tails and colorful coats.

These finches exhibit lifelong monogamous bonding, but there have been instances of infidelity.

Fun Fact: These tiny birds are capable of composing entirely new songs.

3. Zebra Mussels

Zebra Mussels - animals that start with z

These ting freshwater mussels usually measure about an inch long. They use their small size to their advantage, as up to 700,000 Mussels have been found living in one square meter.

Fun Fact: Zebra Mussels are prolific reproduces, as one female can lay up to a million eggs annually.

4. Zebra Pleco

Zebra Pleco - animals that start with z

The stripes that cover its body make the reason for the Zebra Pleco’s name obvious. It is a freshwater catfish sought-after as an aquarium fish because of its color.

It can be found in the Xingu River of Brazil.

Fun Fact: A large Zebra Pleco can only get about 4 inches long.

5. Zebra Shark

Zebra Shark - animals that start with z

The Zebra Shark can be found around coral reefs in tropical oceans. These spotted fish can live up to thirty years in the wild and somehow find a way to gather near Queensland every summer.

Young Zebra sharks have stripes, but they become pups as they age.

Fun Fact: Zebra Shark females can reproduce without males.

6. Zebu


Zebu is a breed of domesticated cattle widespread in most parts of Africa and a large swathe of Europe.

The Zebu is one of the oldest cattle breeds and is notable for its hump.

Fun Fact: The Zebu cattle are sacred in many religions, notably Hinduism.

7. Zonkey

Zonkey - animals that start with z

The Zonkey is a cross between a male Zebra and a female donkey. This is one of the few hybrid cases in the wild.

However, you would probably only be able to see one in a zoo.

Fun Fact: Zonkeys, like all hybrids, are sterile.

8. Zorse


The Zorse is another hybrid animal from crossbreeding between a male Zebra and a female horse. This results in an animal that looks horse-like yet has stripes like a Zebra.

The Zorse is a muscular animal with nearly 360-degree vision.

Fun Fact: It is unlikely to find any of these animals occurring naturally in the wild.

9. Zapata Rail

Zapata Rail - animals that start with z

The Zapata rail can only be found in the Zapata swamps of Cuba. The rail has a brown body with red eyes and legs.

These birds are omnivores and feed on invertebrates like insects and plant materials.

Fun Fact: Zapata Rails have short wings that cannot fly for long.

10. Zapata Wren

Zapata Wren - animals that start with z

This bird can only be found in the Zapata swamp of Cuba. This bird is usually brown and measures about six inches in length. It has a long tail.

This omnivore can eat insects, spiders, plant material, and tiny frogs and lizards.

Fun Fact: The Zapata Wren is famous for its strange-sounding song.

11. Zebra Duiker

Zebra Duiker

The Zebra Duiker has black stripes on its brown and tan coat. This duiker is native to the West African rainforest and is usually nocturnal in the wild.

The stripes on the duiker’s back may prevent easy detection by predators.

Fun Fact: The Zebra Duiker is thought to have been one of the earliest Duiker species to evolve.

12. Zigzag Heron

Zigzag Heron - animals that start with z

The Zigzag heron can be found in the Amazon basin of South America. These birds have grey plumage with a zigzag pattern.

They stand about 32 centimeters in height.

Fun Fact: These birds are reclusive and are known to stay hidden even while foraging.

13. Zebrafish


The stripes on the Zebrafish have made it sought-after for aquariums. But scientists also acquire them for sensitive experiments since they share seventy percent of human genes.

The fishes give birth to hundreds of offspring and mature quickly.

Fun Fact: Zebrafish can repair their hearts.

14. Zenaida Dove

Zenaida Dove - animals that start with z

The Zenaida Dove is a brown, tall dove with rounded tail feathers. It is common in the country of Anguilla and is the country’s national bird. It is also plentiful in Cuba.

Fun Fact: Young Zenaida doves are developed enough to fly after only two weeks in the nest.

15. Zokor


These rodents can be found in North Asia. Zokors look like moles with powerful forearms and long claws for digging through the ground.

These animals have a heightened sense of smell and extremely sensitive eyes.

Fun Fact: Zokors don’t have external ears.

16. Zorilla

Zorilla - animals that start with z

This animal’s appearance makes one think it is related to a skunk but closer to the weasel. The Zorilla is native to Southern Africa.

Fun Fact: The Zorilla is very aggressive and hunts quite a lot, as its small stomach causes it to need to feed frequently.

17. Zorro


The Zorro is a canine; it is in the dog family. It is native to South America, and you can also call it the South American Gray fox.

Fun Fact: Zorros are classified as false foxes due to their resemblance to foxes.

18. Zebra Seahorse

Zebra Seahorse

The Zebra Seahorse originated in Australia. The stripes on its skin gave it its name. These stripes provide camouflage to protect from predators.

Fun Fact: Male Zebra seahorses nourish their developing embryo in a pouch.

19. Zigzag Eel

Zigzag Eel - animals that start with z

This long fish is notable as an aquarium fish. It is not even an eel, only about six inches long.

Fun Fact: These aggressive fishes are known to attempt jumping out of their aquarium.

20. Zamurito

Zamurito - animals that start with z

You can also call the Zamurito the Vulture catfish. These aggressive fishes are hardy and survive in many environments. This makes them good aquarium pets.

Fun Fact: Zamuritos bite and tear the flesh of other fishes in an aquarium.

Full List of Animals With Letter Z

Animal NameFun Fact
ZebraEquine animals with black and white stripes, no two Zebras have the same pattern of stripes
Zebra FinchSmall finch species with striped tails and colorful coats
Zebra MusselsFreshwater mussels known for their prolific reproduction and ability to form dense populations
Zebra PlecoStriped freshwater catfish found in the Xingu River of Brazil
Zebra SharkSpotted shark species found around coral reefs, females can reproduce without males
ZebuBreed of domesticated cattle with a hump, native to Africa and Europe
ZonkeyHybrid between a Zebra and a donkey, found in zoos
ZorseHybrid between a Zebra and a horse, muscular with horse-like appearance and Zebra stripes
Zapata RailRail bird species found in the Zapata swamps of Cuba, omnivorous
Zapata WrenWren bird species found in the Zapata swamp of Cuba, feeds on insects and plant material
Zebra DuikerDuiker species with black stripes on its coat, native to the West African rainforest
Zigzag HeronHeron bird species with grey plumage and a zigzag pattern, found in the Amazon basin
ZebrafishFish species with distinctive stripes, used in scientific experiments
Zenaida DoveDove species with brown plumage, common in Anguilla and Cuba
ZokorRodent species resembling a mole, found in North Asia
ZorillaMammal resembling a skunk, native to Southern Africa
ZorroCanine species known as the South American Gray fox, native to South America
Zebra SeahorseSeahorse species with stripes for camouflage, nourishes developing embryos in a pouch
Zigzag EelAquarium fish species, not an actual eel, known for its aggressive behavior
Zamurito (Vulture catfish)Aggressive fish species suitable for aquariums, bites and tears the flesh of other fish

Summary of Animals That Start With Z

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And there we have it; twenty animals That Start With Z.

We hope you enjoyed it. We recommend you take some minutes to immerse yourself in this other animal list that starts with c.

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