Animals That Start With K

Animals that start with the letter K are not as many as others, but they still exist. This list contains common species and some that you might consider new.  Sit back and enjoy the list.


Their long hind legs, enormous tails, and arched backs set them apart. They are native to Australia and are the nation’s symbol featuring coins and the coat of arms.

Keel-billed Toucan

The Keel-billed Toucan is also known as rainbow toucan due to its large, colorful bill. This bird can be found in Central and South America.

Key Deer

It is also known as toy deer because it is smaller than most other deer species.  It is white on its belly and under its tail. They do not fear humans.

Kiko Goat

This is a crossbreed of dairy goat and feral goat. Despite its large horns, the kilo goat is not much of a fighter and can barely defend itself.

Killer Whale

It is easy to identify due to its black back, white underside, and white eyespot. Killer whales travel in groups called pods.

King Cobra

This snake can be found in India, southern China, and Southeast Asia. It is known as the longest venomous snake in the world.

King Crab

Not only does it have a shell for protection, but the King crab’s entire body is also covered in spines. It has an orange hue to it when living but turns red when cooked.

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