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Animals that start with O

Welcome to animals that start with O.

Many animals begin with O. This list exposes us to many of those fascinating creatures; some you know and some you will get to discover now. Let’s delve right in.

Overview of animals that start with O




Oscar Fish


Old English sheepdog









Ornate Hawk-Eagle


Olive baboon




1. Ox

Ox - animals that start with o

These herbivores are widespread. They were initially found in the continents of Asia, Central, and South America. In the wild, they travel in herds, and their predators are usually bears and wolves.

Oxen are also called bollocks. They are the only species in their Genus, Bos.

Fun Fact: These creatures have been of assistance to man for more than 2500 years.

2. Owl

Owl - animals that start with o

The most distinctive features of owls are; their flat faces, bulging-eyed, and protruded beaks. They are far-sighted. Many of them are creatures of the night, except for a very few species.

They prey on various animals, especially small-sized mammals, birds, and insects.

Fun Fact: Owls can rotate their necks to about 270 degrees.

3. Oyster


These marine creatures are irregularly-shaped. Their shells are oval with a grey or sometimes white color.

Oysters are highly proteinous and serve as nutrients to many animals. The main predators of oysters are seabirds, crabs, and even humans.

Fun Fact: They have eyes all over their bodies.

4. Oscar fish

Oscar fish - animals that start with o

The Oscar fish has a life span of 20 years. It can lay up to 250 –3000 eggs at once, and its offspring has a different color from its parents.

Oscar fishes are omnivores, eating algae and fruits. They may also eat small insects and fish.

They are monogamous and intelligent. You would love one as a pet.

Fun Fact: Oscar fish have teeth in their throat.

5. Orca

Orca - animals that start with O

The orca is a cosmopolitan species and is all over the world. They are called killer whales, and unlike the filter-feeder whales, they have teeth for tearing and chewing prey.

They are apex predators and have a diverse diet ranging from small fishes to humans.

Fun Fact: The killer whales also prey on the blue whales.

6. Old English sheepdog

Old English sheepdog

These social animals have long and thick fur concealed eyes, and they are white with grey patches. They are intelligent and very playful pets. These dogs weigh an average of 60 – 100 pounds.

Fun Fact: They were discovered in the 19th century in southeast England. Hence their name, Old English.

7. Ostrich

Ostrich - animals that start with o

Ostriches are one of the largest land animals on the earth. They are flightless birds, and their wings are used to balance and court females. Great read from animals that start with o.

Ostriches are very distinguishable from other birds due to their large size, and they are primarily found in Africa.

Fun fact: Unlike other birds, these creatures have only two toes.

8. Otter

Otter - animals that start with O

Otters have 13 species known to man. Eleven of them are river otters, while the other two are sea and marine. They have a very thick fur which allows them to float on the water surface.

They are very playful animals and live as families.

Fun Fact: Otters are noisemakers, and they have 22 recognizable vocabularies.

9. Oilbird

Oilbird - animals that start with O

These nocturnal birds are located in the Northern areas of South America. They feed primarily on oil palm fruits and tropical laurels and reside in caves. Along with their adapted eyesight for navigation, they also echolocate.

Fun Fact: In ancient times, they were boiled down and produced oil.

10. Orangutan


Orang-utans live on trees, and they spend a lot of their day eating. These endangered species are found in Asia. They are one of the largest primates globally, and they are also referred to as the Red Apes.

They are omnivores and feed on insects, fruits, and barks.

Fun fact: They share about 97% of their DNA with humans!

11. Osprey

Osprey - animals that start with o

The head of this cosmopolitan bird is white with a black mask around the eye. They are found in all tropical and temperate regions except Antarctica. These birds are also known as Fishhawk because they eat mainly fish.

Fun Fact: Ospreys have a wingspan of about 5 feet.

12. Opossum


These fruit-loving animals live in areas like forests and farmland close to rivers. They have four limbs and a tail for balance and climbing trees. Furthermore, adult opossums have pouches where their babies are kept until they mature.

Fun Fact: Opossums are immune to the venom of snakes.

13. Orb Weaver

Orb Weaver

Orb weavers have skull-like heads, and they prey on several insects, including mosquitoes, gnats, flies, grasshoppers, and moths. They are also called grass weavers, and they have a life span of 6 months.

You might expect them to be poisonous with their scary appearance, but they are not.

Fun Fact: Their females are four times the size of their males.

14. Octopus

Octopus - animals that start with o

These invertebrates have about 300 species worldwide and live in the waters of temperate and tropical regions. Octopuses are intelligent animals and are solitary. They have soft, slippery bodies, which they use as escape mechanisms against predators. Great inside from animals that start with o.

Fun Fact: They are so flexible that they can pass through holes with a diameter of 1 inch. Amazing, right?

15. Ornate Hawk-Eagle

Ornate Hawk-Eagle

These birds are live mainly in Brazil, and they feature a large crest on their heads. They elegantly perch on trees when they are hunting for prey.

Fun Fact: Ornate Hawk-eagles also prey on bigger birds than them.

16. Olm

Olm - animals that start with o

These European vertebrates live their whole lives in caves. They feed on insects that complete their life cycle in water bodies. They are white or pink in their natural habitat, but they turn black when exposed to light.

Fun Fact: Olms can live for six years without feeding.

17. Olive baboon

Olive baboon - animals that start with o

They predominantly live in Africa. They have greyish-brown fur, and an average adult can grow up to 3 feet. They are omnivores, and their food ranges from fruits to young antelopes. Also, they have solid bonds among themselves.

Fun fact: Olive Baboons sexually mature around 35 years.

18. Okapi


These herbivores are also found in Africa. Their most distinctive feature is the presence of white and black stripes on their limbs. They feed on fruit, leaves, and stems.

Fun fact: They also feed on reddish clay when their food supply is scarce.

19. Ocelot

Ocelot - an animal that start with O

You can also refer to ocelots as painted leopards. These carnivores prey on rodents and deer.

You can find them in central and southern America.

Fun fact: Their Velvety fur almost made them extinct in the 20th century.

20. Oryx


Oryxes look like antelopes but have straight horns and markings on their limbs and faces. Their main predators are wolves and humans.

Fun Fact: Oryx can survive in near-desert regions.

Summary of animals that start with O

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