Animals That Start With P

If you’ve been searching for animals that start with P, then you’re in luck. You’ve come to the end of your search.  We’ve curated a list of twenty animals that begin with P and some fun facts about them.


These fishes haven’t undergone many changes since the cretaceous period. Paddlefish are large freshwater fishes that can get up to seven feet long.


Pademelons are marsupials that can be found in Australia. They are closely related to wallabies and kangaroos but are solitary animals.


These animals look a lot like anteaters would if they had scales. They have a similar diet of ants and insects; they have long tongues and elongated snouts.


The spiky bodies of these animals are very distinctive. Porcupines are famous for the quills that cover their bodies, but they have hair on their front ends.


These colorful birds are very popular as pets. Not just for their beautiful and bright feathers but also their wit. Parrots can mimic sounds they hear, which includes words and sentences.

Patas Monkey

These are large monkeys that inhabit the grasslands of Central Africa. These omnivores eat lizards, birds’ eggs, and fruits and raid farms for crops.


Peacocks are notable for their bright tail feathers and intricate mating dances. They also have eyespots on those feathers, called ocelli, to dissuade predators.

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