Animals That Start With R

There are a lot of animals that begin with the letter R. You probably want to know a bit more about the ones you know. Or maybe you want to discover new animals.  Whichever it is, we are here to help you out.


These fluffy herbivores live almost anywhere on earth. Also, their distinctive long ears, furry coat, and long hind legs make them easy to spot.


The common raccoon has a black patch around its eyes like a mask, and a black-Ringed tail, with grey fur everywhere else.

Radiated Tortoise

The Radiated Tortoise can only be found in the wild on the island of Madagascar. It has a high-domed shell that features complex markings.


Rattlesnakes are notable for the rattles at the end of their tails. They use these to warn away attackers when they sense a threat. In addition, rattlesnakes can also hiss like cats.

Red Finch

Red finches live in all parts of the United States and even Mexico. These birds have a beautiful song and can live in flocks of up to a hundred.

Reef Shark

These sharks are usually found around the reefs of the world. They are brown or brownish-gray and have a lot of sharp teeth.


The large horns of Reindeer are a very distinctive trademark. These animals are found in colder climates but travel a lot.

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