Animals That Start With T

Many animals start with the letter T, and we’ve made a list with a few of them. Let’s go through them, shall we?

The Takin can be found inhabiting the mountains of Asia. It has a complicated network of  sinuses to warm up the frigid mountain air before it gets to the lungs.


These brightly-colored fish are found in the tropical parts of the  Pacific, Indian and Atlantic oceans. They usually travel in large  schools and add a vivid display to indoor aquariums.


The Tapanuli Orangutan was the second great ape to be discovered outside Africa. The first was the bonobo. They are too large to leap through the trees like monkeys. Instead, they swing from branch to branch.

Tapanuli Orangutan

These strange animals look like a cross between donkeys and  elephants. They have an elongated snout called a proboscis to gather  food. A group of tapirs is called a candle.


When a female Tarantula Hawk wants to lay, it paralyzes a spider and  lays its egg on it. The larva then burrows into the poor spider and  pupates. Then the pupa bursts out from the spider when it’s fully grown.

Tarantula Hawk

They are primates that live in Malaysia, Indonesia,  and the Philippines. These arboreal and nocturnal animals have well-developed eyes to see in the dark. One of their eyes weighs more than their tiny brains.


There are still so many intriguing animals to find out about that start with T.

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