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Animals That Start With T

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Welcome to animals that start with t.

When you try to name animals that start with T, do you get stuck at some point? Of course, everyone does. But the question is, how far did you go? Many animals start with the letter T, and we’ve made a list with a few of them. Let’s go through them, shall we?

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Overview of animals that start with T



Tapanuli Orangutan


Tarantula Hawk


Teddy Bear Hamster


Thorny Devil

Tibetan Mastiff




Tsetse Fly



Tasmanian Devil


Tibetan Fox

Tiger Beetle

1. Takin

Takin - Animals that start with T

The Takin can be found inhabiting the mountains of Asia. This animal looks like a cross between a cow, a goat, and an antelope. It has a complicated network of sinuses to warm up the frigid mountain air before it gets to the lungs.

Fun Fact: The Takin has been recorded to jump up to six feet in the air.

2. Tang

Tang - Animals that start with T

These brightly-colored fish are found in the tropical parts of the Pacific, Indian and Atlantic oceans. They usually travel in large schools and add a vivid display to indoor aquariums.

Fun Fact: Some tangs can lie still and play dead when a predator is nearby.

3. Tapanuli Orangutan

Tapanuli Orangutan

The Tapanuli Orangutan was the second great ape to be discovered outside Africa. The first was the bonobo.

Fun Fact: Orangutans are too large to leap through the trees like monkeys. Instead, they swing from branch to branch.

4. Tapir

Tapir - animals that start with t

These strange animals look like a cross between donkeys and elephants. They have an elongated snout called a proboscis to gather food.

Fun Fact: A group of tapirs is called a candle.

5. Tarantula Hawk

Tarantula Hawk

Tarantula Hawks are wasps that feed on pollen and nectar. Shocking, right?

It gets its name from what its females do to spiders when they lay eggs.

Fun Fact: When a female Tarantula Hawk wants to lay, it paralyzes a spider and lays its egg on it. The larva then burrows into the poor spider and pupates. Then the pupa bursts out from the spider when it’s fully grown.

6. Tarsier

Tarsier - animals that start with t

Tarsiers are primates that live in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. These arboreal and nocturnal animals have long fingers and toes and well-developed eyes to see in the dark.

Fun Fact: Tarsiers have such tiny brains that one of their eyes weighs more than it.

7. Teddy Bear Hamster

Teddy Bear Hamster - animals that start with t

These cute animals have the large ears and small dark eyes of a stuffed Teddy Bear. And they’re fluffy too. They’re gentle and suitable for keeping as pets.

Fun Fact: The Teddy Bear Hamster cheek pouches can carry twenty percent of its body weight in food.

8. Termite

Termite - animals that start with t

You can find these pesky insects everywhere. They build mounds up to nine meters tall in the wild. But you can find them in your home, munching on your favorite wooden chair.

Fun Fact: Termites don’t sleep at all.

9. Thorny Devil

Thorny devil

The Thorny visage of this little animal can give quite a scare. It even has a fake head behind its neck to fool predators. In addition, it only lives in mainland Australia.

Fun Fact: Despite its looks, the Thorny Devil isn’t harmful. Its diet consists of just ants.

10. Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff

These large dogs are native to the mountains of Tibet. Their shaggy coats protect them from the frigid temperatures in those highlands.

Fun Fact: The Tibetan Mastiff sheds once a year, unlike other dog breeds.

11. Tick

Tick - animals that start with t

These little guys are arachnids, meaning that they are closer to spiders than insects. Ticks feed only on blood.

Fun Fact: Ticks inject a chemical that prevents their host from feeling the pain of a bite.

12. Tiger

Tiger - animals that start with t

Tigers are some of the most popular and widespread big cats in the world today. These creatures can swim very well and love the water.

Fun Fact: Tiger stripes are unique to the individual.

13. Toadfish

toadfish - an animal that starts with t

Toadfishes look like toads and can be found in many oceans of the world. They have a mating sound like a toad’s call, and some even have scaleless mucous skin.

Fun Fact: Toadfish are highly poisonous but are safe to eat when cooked properly.

14. Tsetse Fly

tsetse fly

These large blood-sucking flies majorly live in Sub-Saharan Africa. The Tsetse fly’s bite can transmit a parasite that attracts the Central nervous system and can lead to death.

Fun Fact: Throughout its lifespan of four months, the female Tsetse fly is impregnated once by the male. But it stays pregnant till it dies, releasing its offspring one at a time.

15. Tuna

tuna - animals that start with t

Tunas are some of the fastest fishes in the world. Their streamlined bodies help them slip through the water quickly to catch prey.

Fun Fact: Tunas are prolific breeders and can produce millions of eggs yearly.

16. Tarpon


These fishes are ancient, having evolved approximately 113 million years ago during the Cretaceous period. They are large and can thrive be found in both saltwater and freshwater.

Fun Fact: Tarpons have a swim bladder that they fill up with air to allow them to tolerate oxygen-poor waters.

17. Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian devil

As the name implies, these animals are found only on the island of Tasmania. They look like little bears and can be pretty aggressive over food.

Fun Fact: Tasmanian devils can open their jaws to 80 degrees when consuming prey.

18. Tetra


The tetra can be found in the freshwater streams of Africa and South America. These colorful animals travel in schools of hundreds to find food and protect themselves from predators.

Fun Fact: Tetra are pretty hardy, and as such, they are good aquarium fishes.

19. Tibetan Fox

Tibetan fox

These square-faced foxes are found in the cold expanses of Tibetan plateaus and many other highlands across Asia. These foxes blend well into the landscape.

Fun Fact: Tibetan foxes are not territorial and have been seen working with bears to hunt down prey.

20. Tiger Beetle

Tiger beetles spend most of their lives as larvae, as they only last a few months as adults before they die. They can spend one to four years as larva.

Fun Fact: Tiger beetles have a powerful bite that is very painful and can draw blood.

Summary of animals that start with t

From tiger beetles to the mighty tigers themselves, these animals all begin with the letter T. How many of them did you know? Here is another fascinating list of animals that start with m.

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