Animals That Start With X

Many animals start with the letter X, and we’ve made a list with a few of them. Let’s go through them, shall we?

Fun Fact:  Because they spend lots of time underground, they have poor eyesight.

Xenurus unicinctus

Fun Fact:  Owing to their small size, they are rare to spot and often overlooked


Fun Fact: The Xenarthra feature extra joints that aid food hunting.


Fun Fact: The Xerus squirrels mate throughout the year as opposed to a single season


Fun Fact: The Horseshoe crab blood is essential to the medical field. That’s because It can identify bacterial contamination in  minute quantities.


Fun Fact:  The Xingu females spread their eggs all over the river when spawning.

Xingu Corydoras

There are still so many intriguing animals to find out about that start with X.

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