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Animals that Start with X

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Welcome to Animals that start with x.

While animals that begin with the letter X may appear non-existent, many exist worldwide—many have names in foreign languages, especially Latin words that start with x.

From animals you know to those you never knew existed; discover a variety of animals that begin with the letter X. Without further ado, let’s get started!

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Overview of animals that start with x

1. Xantus’s Hummingbird

xantus's humming bird
Source: Xantus’s Hummingbird (Basilinna xantusii)

The Xantus’s hummingbird is a rare bird exclusive to Baja California, Mexico. They are mainly green-colored birds with black cheeks.

They have a distinctive white stripe behind their eyes. The Xantus’s birds are nectar-loving birds with loud and metallic voices.

 Fun Fact: The Xantus’s hummingbirds only grow to about 9cm long.

2. Xanthippe’s Shrew

Xanthippe’s Shrew

Xanthippe’s shrew is a mole that bears semblance to a rodent. It is native to Eastern Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania in particular.

They are omnivores that feed on plants and other small animals including worms, slugs, and snails.

Fun Fact: The shrews’ offspring become independent three weeks after birth.

3. Xantic Sargo

Xantic Sargo

The Xantic Sargo is an intriguing fish also known as the California Sargo. They are endemic to the Pacific Ocean. An omnivore in all ramifications, it feeds on kelp, seagrass and seaweed.

It falls prey to both humans and larger fish living in the water.

Fun Fact:  The Xantic Sargo can survive as an individual or in a group.

4. Xantus Leaf-toed Gecko

Xantus Leaf-toed Gecko
Source: Wikipedia.

Another animal that starts with X is the Leaf-toed Gecko. It is commonly found in California and some parts of North West Mexico. It loves areas where shrublands are abundant.

Also, the leaf-toed geckos are a highly-populous group. A female gecko can lay up to 20 eggs in one reproduction cycle.

Fun Fact: The Xantus Leaf-toed gecko guards itself against predators by losing its vulnerable tail.

5. Xantus Murrelet

Source: Wikipedia.

The Xantus Murrelet is a bird species that inhabits the Pacific Ocean from the currents of California to Mexico. They are also known as the Guadalupe Murrelet.

Plus, they are special types of sea birds that fish in pairs.

 Fun Fact:  The Xantus Murrelet is considered one of the most endangered species on earth.

6. Xingu Corydoras

Xingu Corydoras

A spectacular fish that inhabits the waters of the Brazilian Xingu River. The Xingu Corydoras is one for the books. They are also omnivores that feed on both plants and animals.

However, they are quite easy targets for predators.

Fun Fact:  The Xingu females spread their eggs all over the river when spawning.

7. Xiphosura

Source: Wikimedia-

The Xiphosura belong to an order of horseshoe crabs including Mangrove horseshoe crab, Chinese horseshoe crabs, and Atlantic horseshoe crabs.

They have two main body parts, the prosoma (the head) and the opisthosoma (the body composed of multiple plates for breathing).

Fun Fact: The Horseshoe crab blood is essential to the medical field. That’s because It can identify bacterial contamination in minute quantities.

8. Xerus


These are species of squirrels that reside in African burrows. They are commonly known as African ground squirrels and can be found in South Africa.

Although they are highly social animals, the males and females isolate themselves and only come together to mate.

Fun Fact: The Xerus squirrels mate throughout the year as opposed to a single season.

9. Xeme


The Xeme, also known as the Sabine gull is a sea bird that typically resides in the Arctic coasts and tundra.

The Xeme species prey on young birds, small fish, insects, eggs, and spiders.

Fun Fact: Once a Xeme male and female pair up, they become mating partners for life.

10. Xenarthra


Among the list of mammals that begin with X is Xenarthra. They commonly inhabit Latin America where they make a home in rain forests.

They have a relatively high population in the Latin region but some species are already extinct.

Fun Fact: The Xenarthra feature extra joints that aid food hunting.

11. Xenops


Xenops are a group of small birds from Florida. There are currently three surviving species in the wild. The birds are easily identified by their miniature size and long tail.

Aside from Florida, you can spot them in Mexico, Central, and South Africa.

Fun Fact:  Owing to their small size, they are rare to spot and often overlooked

12. Xenurus unicinctus

Xenurus Unicinctus

Also known as the Southern naked-tail armadillo, the Xenurus unicinctus are well-loved animals. They are rarely seen above ground as they spend a large portion of their time underground.

In addition, they build caverns complete with all the essentials they need to survive.

Fun Fact:  Because they spend lots of time underground, they have poor eyesight.

13. Xestochilus nebulosus

Xestochilus Nebulosus
Photo by G.R. Allen, provided to FishBase by M.V. Erdmann. 

The Xestochilus nebulosus also called the nebulosus snake eel is endemic to the Indo-Pacific oceans.

They favor hidden habitats such as sandy or weed-enshrouded ocean floors and tidepools.

Fun Fact: Though they look dangerous, Xestochilus nebulosus pose no harm to humans.

Distinctive members of the Corvidae family, the Ground-jay are a group of slender and small-sized birds that originated from China.

The Ground-jays are classified as near-threatened because there are only a few surviving members in the world.

 Fun Fact:  The Xinjiang Ground-jay is only as large as an adult’s human hand.

15. Xoloitzcuintli


The Xoloitzcuintli, commonly known as the Mexican hairless or the Xolo for short is native to Mexico. It is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world.

The dog is shrouded in a long and interesting history. In the past, it was common practice to bury the dog along with the owner. A great one to make the list of Animals that Start with X.

Fun Fact:  The Aztecs’ history reports that the Xoloitzcuintli originated from a sliver of the Bone of Life which gave rise to all of humanity.

16. X-ray Tetra

X-ray Tetra

The X-ray Tetra is a small group of schooling fish that naturally breeds and lives in the Amazon River in South America.

They were first discovered in 1894 and are now one of the most featured freshwater fish in artificial aquariums.

 Fun Fact:  The X-ray Tetra is an incredibly peaceful and tolerant species of fish.

17. Xylophagous Leafhopper

 Xylophagous Leafhopper

The Xylophagous leafhopper also called the glassy-winged sharpshooter is an infamous bug that birthed Pierce’s disease outbreak in Temecula, California.

They are usually found in old leaves during winter.

Fun Fact: They can survive in temperatures that are as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

18. Xuthus Swallowtail

 Xuthus Swallowtail

The Xuthus swallowtail is a beautiful butterfly characterized by genetic diversity, having a high inclination to parent butterfly pairings.

In addition, they are native to Asia and are found in Taiwan, Japan, Siberia, China, Myanmar, and the Korean peninsula. Another great Animals that Start with X.

Fun Fact: They are one of few butterflies that can mate and reproduce multiple times.

19. Xucaneb Robber Frog

Source: Wikimedia-

The Xucaneb robber frogs are commonly found in Guatemala with populations in Sierra de Xucaneb, Sierra de las Minas and Sierra de la Chuchumatanes.

However, they are on the brink of extinction due to deforestation and charcoal pollution.

Fun Fact: Unlike other frogs that hatch tadpoles, Robber frogs hatch small frogs when reproducing.

20. Xalda Sheep

Xalda Sheep
Source: Wikipedia.

Xalda sheep is one of the oldest sheep breeds indigenous to Asturia, Northern Spain. They’ve been around since the 27 Bcs.

They were quite popular in this region with a population of about 6000. However, they are currently considered endangered and are at risk of extinction.

Fun Fact: The Asturi tribe made black tunics out of the Xalda’s wool.

Full List of Animals With Letter X

nimalFun Fact
Xantus’s HummingbirdRare bird exclusive to Baja California, Mexico, grows up to 9cm long
Xanthippe’s ShrewMole-like creature native to Eastern Africa, Kenya, and Tanzania
Xantic SargoIntriguing fish endemic to the Pacific Ocean, feeds on kelp and seaweed
Xantus Leaf-toed GeckoGecko commonly found in California and Northwest Mexico, reproduces by laying eggs
Xantus MurreletBird species found in the Pacific Ocean from California to Mexico, considered one of the most endangered species
Xingu CorydorasSpectacular fish inhabiting the Brazilian Xingu River, lays eggs in the river
XiphosuraOrder of horseshoe crabs found in various regions, their blood is used in medical field
XerusSpecies of squirrels commonly known as African ground squirrels, found in South Africa
XemeSea bird species known as Sabine gull, prey on young birds, small fish, insects, eggs, and spiders
XenarthraMammals inhabiting Latin America, many species are already extinct
XenopsSmall bird species found in Florida, Mexico, Central, and South Africa
Xenurus unicinctusSouthern naked-tail armadillo, spends most of its time underground
Xestochilus nebulosusNebulosus snake eel endemic to the Indo-Pacific oceans
Xinjiang Ground-jaySlender and small-sized bird species originating from China, near-threatened
XoloitzcuintliMexican hairless dog, one of the oldest dog breeds in the world
X-ray TetraSchooling fish native to the Amazon River, featured in freshwater aquariums
Xylophagous LeafhopperBug that caused Pierce’s disease outbreak in California, survives in low temperatures
Xuthus SwallowtailBeautiful butterfly species native to Asia, known for genetic diversity
Xucaneb Robber FrogFrog species found in Guatemala, at risk of extinction due to deforestation
Xalda SheepOldest sheep breed indigenous to Asturia, Northern Spain, currently endangered

Summary of Animals that Start with X

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And there you have it. We guess that you would have struggled listing a couple of animals starting with the letter x before reading this post. But after this adventure, you should do just fine. Stay safe.

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