Are American Bison Just Domesticated Cattle?

Visual similarities often lead to the assumption that bison are domesticated cattle.

Grasslands and prairies of North America


However, beneath the surface, these creatures showcase stark differences in behavior, ecological roles, and historical significance.

Herbivorous, with a diet consisting of grasses, sedges, and other vegetation


Bison are not mere beefy look-alikes; they are resilient beings, shaped by the harsh crucible of North America’s colonization.

15-20 years

Average Lifespan

Their survival hinges on adaptability, a characteristic that helped them endure and thrive in challenging conditions.

Lives in herds, with males and females forming separate groups for most of the year and coming together during mating season

Social behaviour

Picture this: a time when pioneers traversed the vast American landscape, facing unforgiving climates and challenging terrains.

1000-2200 pounds (450-1000 kg) for males; 800-1200 pounds (360-540 kg) for females

Average Weight

In this backdrop, bison emerged as icons of resilience, navigating extremes with ease.

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