By Josie  December 3rd, 2023

Baby Deer Confused by How to Play with Ball

Deer are typically extremely shy creatures, but in this case, curiosity wins over caution!

An adorable baby deer enjoys some playtime with some humans but is inherently confused by this bouncy object: a ball.

But first, let's uncover some surprising facts about these woodland creatures!

They can leap up to 10 feet high and as far as 30 feet in a single bound, which is a vital skill for evading predators.

Incredible Jumpers

Male deer shed and regrow their antlers annually. This regeneration is one of the fastest tissue growths known in the animal kingdom.

Antler Regeneration

They have several glands on their bodies used for marking territory, signaling alarm, and identifying each other.

Scent Communication

During the mating season, male deer become more territorial and may perceive humans as threats.

Are Deer Aggressive Towards Humans?

Baby Deer Confused by Ball

Seeing as it’s probably never encountered a small bouncy thing in its natural habitat, it’s no wonder this baby deer is beyond confused by this ball.

Engaging with baby deer, though often done with good intentions, can have detrimental effects on their development and survival.

Mother deer may abandon their fawns if they detect a strong human scent or continuous presence around them – which consequently may mean the baby deer won’t survive.

As we enjoy the innocence and curiosity of the fawn, let’s also remember our role in preserving and protecting the beautiful wildlife surrounding us.

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Swipe up for the video!