Baby Elephant Attacks Man

Africa’s landscapes have been graced with the presence of elephants for  millennia, yet these remarkable animals are now teetering on the brink  of extinction

Poaching, driven by the insatiable demand for ivory, has pushed African elephants to the edge

The situation is dire, and it’s a race against time to protect these gentle giants.

Elephants are among the most iconic and cherished animals on the African continent

Unfortunately, their remarkable size and beauty make them prime targets  for poachers who ruthlessly hunt them for their ivory tusks

Astonishingly, the scale of this issue is immense. Every year, thousands  of elephants fall victim to this illicit trade, resulting in  devastating population declines

The African elephant is the largest terrestrial animal on Earth, with  males weighing up to 12,000 pounds and standing over ten feet tall at  the shoulder

Poaching for ivory is the leading cause of population decline, with an estimated 55 elephants killed every day for their tusks

Ivory trade has driven these magnificent creatures to the brink of extinction, with some subspecies already lost forever.

Amid the shadows of this crisis, individuals like Geoff Mayes are taking  a stand, using their voices to raise awareness and spearhead campaigns  to end the poaching epidemic

Geoff’s commitment to this cause is not only admirable but crucial in the fight to protect these extraordinary animals.

There is still more to learn about these incredible creatures!

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