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Baby Goats 

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Babies of all kinds, stemming from all sorts of species, are invariably cute - baby goats are no exception!

Did you know that a baby goat is called a kid?

At birth, an average kid weighs between five to eight pounds.

At two months old, their weight lies between 30 and 50 pounds.

Baby Goat Weight

A fully grown male measures 140 to 200 pounds, and mature female goats weigh around 110 to 180 pounds.

Usually, the kid gets a pair of teeth each week.

Baby Goat Teeth

When it reaches one month old, it has a complete set of eight incisors - these will stay till they become a year old.

Baby Goat Food

Just like all other mammals, the kid must also be fed by her mother through nursing.

The mother goat feeds their kids for about two and a half months (75 days).

At one week old, it starts supplementing its milk diet with grains as well.

The ideal setting for kids consists of a dry, draft-free, and warm shelter.

Ideal Environment For Baby Goats

To make the kid healthy in the long run, let the kid play with other baby goats in the herd.

A baby goat can start walking within minutes of its birth because it is already fully developed.

... that baby goats are born with rectangular pupils.

This grants them excellent peripheral vision and they can see even in the dark because more light to enter their eyes.

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