Baby Jaguar Rescued

In the wild world of animal trafficking, where the illegal trade in  animal species thrives

our mission is to rescue these magnificent  creatures and offer them a second chance at life

The dramatic rescue of the baby jaguar from an abandoned warehouse marked the beginning of a transformative journey.

Rescuing an animal is just the first step

The baby jaguar, named Cali, needed a safe and nurturing environment to recover from the trauma she had endured

We placed her in a temporary cage to ensure her protection and began the delicate process of rehabilitation.

Cali’s journey to recovery was filled with challenges, as she had to regain her instincts and adapt to her natural habitat

To ensure Cali’s well-being and ultimate return to the wild, a spacious  and secure cage was built, providing her with the freedom to run, jump,  and climb

Her enclosure spanned a remarkable 16 meters, giving her ample space to develop her muscles and instincts

The moment of truth arrived when Cali was introduced to her new, larger enclosure

There is still more to learn about these incredible creatures!

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