By Josie  October 20th, 2023

Baby Koala Mistakes Confused Schnauzer For Its Momma

A baby koala mistakes a Schnauzer for its momma, but Tony the Schnauzer isn’t quite ready for the responsibilities of parenthood.

Baby koalas spend the initial months of their lives nestled in their mother’s pouch, feeding on specialized milk.

Early Life of Koalas

At about six months, they begin to explore the world, clinging to their mother’s back.

This baby koala, approximately four months old, is at the cusp of this transitional phase.

For koalas, the term “joey” is not exclusive but shared among various marsupials. This also includes kangaroos and wallabies.

Baby Koalas = Joeys

The video captures Tony, the Schnauzer, stepping out into the yard for his morning routine, only to become the chosen sanctuary for a baby koala

It’s not hard to imagine how the baby mistok the canine’s warm fur for the cozy embrace of its mother.

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While instances of animals adopting babies from other species are rare, they are not unheard of.

Interspecies Adoption

Although Tony the Schnauzer wasn’t ready to take on the plight of parental responsibilities, this video is still a visual delight.

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Swipe up to see the video!