Orangutan Rescued & Release

In the heart of the jungle, a tale of resilience and rehabilitation unfolds

Woody, a baby orangutan, rescued eight years ago, prepares to return to the wild

From a fragile state of severe malnutrition and immobility to the lush embrace of the forest

Woody’s journey is a testament to the dedication of the specialists and volunteers who nursed him back to health

When Woody was first rescued, he was in a pitiable state, his small frame swollen

his ability to move hampered by the clutches of severe malnutrition

The veterinary team swiftly intervened

initiating a nutritional regime that kickstarted his path to recovery

Physiotherapy sessions were initiated, gradually restoring his strength

A few weeks later, Woody showcased his newfound vigor by gripping onto fingers with tenacity

a sign that a remarkable transformation was underway

There is still more to learn about these incredible creatures!

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