Baby Rhino Training for Freedom

Join Manji, an orphaned white rhino, on his incredible journey from adversity to triumph at the Wild Is Life sanctuary.

Witness his resilience, nurturing, and the potential for a future in the wild.

Rhinos are large mammals with thick skin covered by tough hair layers.  They have two horns on their heads which can be used to defend or as tools to dig up food during drought.

Get to know them

In the heart of the African wilderness, a touching story of resilience and hope unfolds

as Manji, a four-month-old orphaned white rhino, takes his first steps toward a life of freedom.

At the Wild Is Life sanctuary, dedicated individuals work tirelessly to  provide Manji with a chance at survival and a future in the wild.

This heartwarming tale showcases the extraordinary efforts to  rehabilitate and reintegrate orphaned rhinos into their natural  habitats.

Rhinos are found across parts of Africa and Asia,  in grasslands, rain forests, swamps, rocky areas, wetlands, and  mountain regions. They prefer thick vegetation to  hide from potential predators.


The Wild Is Life sanctuary, founded by Petra Meléndez, is a sanctuary of second chances for orphaned and injured wildlife.

With over two decades of experience, Petra and her team have dedicated  their lives to caring for and rehabilitating various animal species.

One way to prevent rhino deaths is by dehorning them before poachers can get to them.

There is still more to learn about these incredible creatures!

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