Bald Eagle Family In California

In the California’s San Bernardino Mountains a remarkable event is being captured

A bald eagle family expanding their nest

Thus drawing the gaze of nature enthusiasts worldwide.

Two majestic Bald Eagles, known as Jackie and Shadow, have captivated audiences as they embark on a journey of parenthood in the rugged wilderness.

Amidst the towering pines and crisp mountain air, a new chapter begins for this devoted pair as they prepare to welcome not one, not two, but three new additions to their family.

For the nonprofit organization Friends of Big Bear Valley, these eagles are more than just magnificent creatures; they are symbols of resilience and hope.

With a keen eye and unwavering dedication, they track Jackie and Shadow’s every move, utilizing a 24-hour solar-powered camera to provide a live stream of their nest.

As the world tunes in, the anticipation builds, waiting for the moment when the first crack appears in the fragile shells.

In the midst of California’s recent storms Jackie has shown unwavering dedication to her precious cargo.

With storms raging overhead, she steadfastly sat atop her eggs, ensuring their warmth and protection.

Her mate, Shadow, dutifully takes his turn. Generally offering Jackie respite as she guards their future offspring.

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