Bald Eagles and the Tall Tales We Tell

In the vast tapestry of wildlife folklore, few creatures hold as much symbolic weight as the bald eagle.

Few creatures hold as much symbolic weight as the bald eagle

Majestic and powerful, these birds have become iconic symbols of freedom and strength.

A fantastical narrative has long persisted that bald eagles

with their formidable talons and an impressive wingspan, snatch up unsuspecting pets or small children

Eagles live in wetlands, forests, grasslands, or mountain ranges.  Trees are vital to an eagle’s habitat as they perch atop them for long periods so they can easily spot prey below.

Eagle Habitat

The truth, however, is far less dramatic.

Eagles feed on small animals such as rodents, fish, snakes, and carrion.


Bald eagles are primarily fish-eaters

They known for their skillful fishing techniques.

making even the mightiest eagles appear diminutive in comparison.

There are vast amounts of  info on these majestic animals!

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