Bear Captured After Wandering Into Tampa International Airport

Tampa International Airport is no stranger to the occasional wildlife visit, but recently, it had an unexpected guest.

A Florida black bear found its way onto the airport’s property, creating quite a buzz among airport officials and travelers.

Ursus americanus

Scientific name

The North American Black Bear is a massive mammal.

Throughout Pacific Northwest's forests and mountains


One sunny afternoon, a Transportation Security Administration (TSA)  employee spotted a Florida black bear strolling along the airport’s  perimeter fence

18 years


an unprecedented event in the airport’s 50-year history

Omnivorous, will eat just about anything they get their paws on


The bear had ventured into the employee parking lot on the north end of  the property, likely after scaling a fence with remarkable agility.

Airport authorities swiftly took action to ensure everyone’s safety.

There is still more to learn about these incredible creatures!

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