Bear Cub Saved After Being Trapped Within Plastic Container

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The Story

Sarah Lindgren, the park manager in Pennsylvania, demonstrated her expertise in handling wildlife when she came across a distressed bear cub

The Story

While driving through Cross Fork, a small village in northern Pennsylvania,

The Story

Lindgren noticed a young bear with a plastic container stuck on its head

Despite initially thinking the bear was deceased, Lindgren approached cautiously

The Situation

The Technique

She swiftly removed the plastic container, offering words of encouragement to the struggling cub

The Rescue

After about 10 seconds of effort, the cub was freed from the container, saving it from potential danger

Lindgren expressed doubt that the cub would have survived much longer without her intervention, as it appeared weak and dehydrated


The Rescue

The Location

Near a paved road with a steep incline to a stream, raised concerns about potential drowning or accidents

The Aftermath

Despite its ordeal, the cub managed to climb a tree to recover

Searched for the cub’s mother but found no trace, though she mentioned that the cub, believed to be around eight months old, could manage on its own at this stage


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