By Josie  April 23rd, 2024

Bear Walks Past Alaska Hikers and They Don't Move an Inch 

This video shows an event that would make most people run for their lives: a bear runs past them, barely feet away from a group of hikers.

We can only assume that they are weathered residents who are used to the wild wildlife of Alaska.

For many residents of Alaska, encounters with wildlife are a part of daily life. The state is home to a diverse range of animals, including bears, moose, and wolves.

Everyday Encounters in Alaska

Consequently, locals are well-versed in how to handle these encounters, which is evident from the composed reaction of the hikers in the video.

The clip acts as a gentle reminder of how crucial it is to respect wildlife and keep yourself safe by remaining composed and calm.

The Footage

Although your reflexes will probably tell you run away, the best thing is actually just to stand motionless (and make yourself appear bigger if you can.)

Alaska is the state with the highest number of bears in the US, with an estimated 100,000 black bears and roughly 30,000 brown bears living there.

The Highest Concentration of Bears

These bears have the perfect habitat in Alaska’s vast and remote wilderness, which enables this species to flourish here.

There is even a small polar bear population in the state, which is concentrated around the coasts where the bears hunt seals through the ice.

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