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Hungry Hippos Eat Whole Pumpkins at Zoo

hippos eat whole pumpkins
Image by @ViralHog via YouTube

Who doesn’t love a good snack? These hippos certainly do, but what they call a small snack is not what we’d call a snack – they can easily eat whole pumpkins.

  • Despite their adorable look, hippos are one of the world’s most dangerous animals.
  • Hippos have a bite force of 1,800 psi (way stronger than that of a lion!)
  • Their diet mainly consists of grass, but in zoos they often get treated to fruits as well.

Extremely Dangerous Vegetarians

Hippos in a lake. Image by Art Tower via Pixabay

Hippopotamuses are among the world’s most dangerous creatures, even though they only eat plants (and are adorably chunky!)

With males passionately guarding their territory and females fiercely defending their young, their violence can be shocking. Hippos can run at 19 mph and weigh up to 3,300 pounds – and you don’t want that charging at you at full speed, or the outcome could even be deadly.

Despite eating primarily grass, they grow to huge sizes and have powerful jaws. You definitely don’t want to get on their bad side.

What is the Bite Force of a Hippo?

The bite force of a hippopotamus is among the most powerful in the animal kingdom, estimated to be around 1,800 pounds per square inch (psi). This immense strength allows them to crush hard materials like pumpkin shells like it’s nothing!

For comparison, this force far exceeds that of most predators, including lions. Maybe they are more deserving of the title as the king of the savannah

Their bite force its one of the main reasons they’re so dangerous. Seeing as their diet almost only consists of grass, their powerful bite is primarily for defense rather than for feeding.

The Video: Hippos Eat Whole Pumpkins

YouTube video
“Hungry Hippos Enjoy Pumpkin Treats”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: ViralHog

The video takes place in a hippo enclosure in a zoo. Two hippos are about the receive and juicy (and massive) snack – pumpkins. With their huge mouths and strong jaws, they are able to bite down and eat them as if they were apples.

What Food a Hippo’s Fave Food?

Mother hippo and her calf in water. Image by Gonzalo Gonzales via Unsplash

Hippos mostly consume grass, which they graze on for hours at night (remember, they’re nocturnal animals) and during the cooler hours of the day. 

In zoos these chunky creatures often get treated to various snacks as well. In addition to hay and grass, they’ll munch on a range of fruits and vegetables. As demonstrated in the video, hippos particularly like pumpkins because of their high fiber and nutritional value, which is perfect for their digestive systems.

Wrapping Up

Although these chunky creatures are incredibly adorable, we can conclude that they’re also incredibly dangerous if they can eat a whole pumpkin just like that.

Thank you for reading this article about the hippos that eat whole pumpkins! For more hippo-news, take a look here:

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