Best Places to See Lynx

Do you want to find out, what the best places to see Lynx in the wild are?

A nomadic, nocturnal and solitary animal: it is only socialized during the rutting season, in the first months of the year.

Get to know them

The name of this species comes from a Greek term meaning ‘bright eyes’.  It has yellowish-green eyes ready to see both day and night.


In Sierra Morena there are currently two well-differentiated population  centres: Firstly, the shared area of Sierra de Cazorla and Sierra de Andújar.

Sierra Morena

Located in the southwest of Andalusia and mostly belonging to Huelva,  this National Park includes the highest population density of Lynx in  Spain.

Parque Nacional y Natural de Doñana

The Iberian Lynx experience, with “Untravelled Paths” offers a guided tour in the direction of Andalusia for 4 nights.

The iberian experience

The lynx is a beautiful animal worth seeing in the wild. The lynx lives as a loner in large forest areas. The cat of prey, also called “brush ear”, was once widespread in Western Europe.

There is still more to learn about this incredible creature!

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