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Dugongs need to eat large amounts of seagrass.

Dugong diet

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Today, all four living species are listed as endangered by the IUCN [2].


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Citrus County calls itself the Manatee capital in the world. You find a great number of tour operators here.

1. Manatees at Citrus County, Florida, US

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What makes the island an exotic paradise are its bizarre rock formations  like from another world, crystal clear turquoise waters and hidden lagoons.

2. Meet Dugongs in Palawan, Philippines

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Shark Bay is one of the world’s largest population of this endangered mammal species. It is estimated that 10,000 dugongs live in theses waters.

3. Coral Coast and Ningaloo Reef, Australia

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The Dugong habitat extends from Moreton Bay to north Queensland. It is believed that there are 14,000 Dugongs off the coast of Queensland.

4. Moreton Bay, Australia (east coast)

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It is home to wide seagrass beds which attracts Dugongs and the giant Green Sea Turtles.

5. Abu Dabbab, Red Sea, Egypt

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