Best  Places to See Orangutans

Do you want to learn about where to see  Orangutans? 

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High up in the trees, the orangutans can enjoy the juiciest fruits.


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Apart from the close bond between child and mother, orangutans are usually found individually.

Social Behaviour

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It is home to the largest population of the species of orangutans.


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This National Park is home to about 700  different animal species, including orangutans, tigers, rhinoceroses,  elephants, Thomas langurs, gibbons, macaques, cobras, crocodiles and  leopards.

Gunung Leuser

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Together with Borneo, it is the only habitat for orangutans living in freedom.


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The Lembah Anai Nature Reserve consists mainly of dense rainforest  extending over hills and valleys on approximately 220 hectares of land.

Lembah Anai

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The fact is, these beautiful, impressive animals are threatened with extinction!


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