By Josie  October 8th, 2023

Why Biden’s Dog Is Now Banned From the White House

Are you also wondering why Biden’s dog has been banned from the white house?

Let's find out why.

In recent events, President Joe Biden’s dog, Commander, a 2-year-old German Shepherd, has been removed from the White House premises.

Commander has been accused of attacking seven White House staff members, including Secret Service guards.

The Incidents

The White House physician’s office had to refer a Secret Service officer to the hospital for treatment after the dog bit down on their arm and thigh.

As sad as it is to separate a canine companion from its parent, the preceding incidents had made it necessary to ban Biden's dog.

The Consequences

The public has raised questions about the training and behavior of the President’s pets.

The Public Reaction

This reaction also has to do wit the fact that Biden's previous dog also had to be banned from the premises for similar reasons.

Known for their roles as service and guard dogs, German Shepherds often face an undeserved reputation of aggression.

An Unfair Reputation

However, the breed is inherently loving, gentle, and craves companionship.

Aggressive tendencies are typically behavioral issues stemming from neglect, boredom, or improper training, not innate characteristics.

Each dog, like Commander and Major, is an individual, and their actions should not reinforce the stereotype.

Individual Dogs

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