Largest Green Tree Viper Ever 

The Green Tree Viper Bite is a venomous snake species bite commonly found in parts of Southeast Asia, South Asia, and East Asia.

This snake species is known for its striking green color and can often be found in trees or bushes.

If you ever encounter a Green Tree Viper, it is important to know that  their bite is highly venomous and can lead to severe health  complications if not treated immediately.

largest Green Tree Viper ever recorded, Trimeresurus stejnegeri.

Towering at a maximum total length of 75 centimeters

with a tail stretching 14.5 centimeters

Imagine a serpent longer than your forearm, gracefully navigating the lush canopies of Southeast Asian rainforests.

These striking vipers call countries like Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia home

camouflaging skillfully amidst the vibrant foliage

The sprawling rainforests become their kingdom

Providing both shelter and an abundant supply of prey.

There is still more to learn about these incredible creatures!

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