Bison Leaves Woman With Spinal Injuries

Yellowstone National Park has breathtaking natural beauty and diverse wildlife.

It witnessed a sobering event on a tranquil Monday morning.

Accompanied by a companion, the woman was in the presence of two bison during their excursion near the Lake Lodge Cabins.

Herbivorous, with a diet consisting of grasses, sedges, and other vegetation


In an attempt to maintain a safe distance they retreated, but one of the bison had another idea.

15-20 years

Average Lifespan

With startling unpredictability it charged towards them, inflicting significant injuries to the woman’s chest and abdomen.

Lives in herds, with males and females forming separate groups for most of the year and coming together during mating season

Social behaviour

The unpredictability of wildlife particularly during mating season, highlights the significance of being vigilant and respectful of their space – even in the face of precautions and regulations.

1000-2200 pounds (450-1000 kg) for males; 800-1200 pounds (360-540 kg) for females

Average Weight

Yellowstone National Park mandates a minimum distance of 25 yards between visitors and most wildlife, including bison.

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