Bison Stampede Fiction

Contrary to the cinematic spectacle of a massive buffalo stampede, the reality is less dramatic.

Grasslands and prairies of North America


While it’s true that bison are incredibly fast and robust animals, the notion of large-scale stampedes is often exaggerated.

Herbivorous, with a diet consisting of grasses, sedges, and other vegetation


In reality, bison are more likely to be sedentary, exhibiting a calm demeanor in their natural habitats.

15-20 years

Average Lifespan

These creatures are not prone to participating in coordinated, large-scale movements akin to what’s commonly portrayed in popular culture.

Lives in herds, with males and females forming separate groups for most of the year and coming together during mating season

Social behaviour

Buffalo, also known as bison, are more inclined to respond defensively rather than engage in orchestrated stampedes.

1000-2200 pounds (450-1000 kg) for males; 800-1200 pounds (360-540 kg) for females

Average Weight

When faced with perceived threats, their instinct is to protect themselves and their herd.

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