By Josie  August 15th, 2023

Black Bear Successfully Opens Car Door and Gets Inside

Footage shows a bear that successfully opens a car door and gets inside, showing just how well they’ve adapted to urban living.

In a remarkable display of human-like behavior, a bear was captured on video casually opening the door of a truck and climbing inside.

The Footage

The footage showcases the bear’s astonishing dexterity and intelligence.

It serves as a reminder of the incredible adaptability and evolving behaviors of wildlife.

Bears in Urban areas have adapted in many different ways and behave different to their wild counterparts.

Let's take a look at the ways they've adapted!

Urban bears are less active and weigh more; they are nearly a third less active.

Activity Levels

Urban bears rely heavily on garbage dumpsters for sustenance, another reason they weigh much more than wild bears.

Food Sources

Urban bears have become nocturnal, unlike wild bears that are active during the day.

Behavioral Shift

Bears, often perceived as powerful and lumbering creatures, possess an unexpected level of dexterity that belies their size.

Dexterity in Bears

Their paws, while massive and equipped with sharp claws, are capable of surprisingly delicate tasks.

Their amazing dexterity also allows them to navigate human-made obstacles, from rummaging through garbage bins to opening car doors.

Urban Bears Die Young

In a study tracking bears around Lake Tahoe, all urban bears were killed by vehicles by age 10.

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