By Josie  Decemner 10th, 2023

Buffalo Uses Horn to Defeat 6 Lions

This buffalo gets chased and attacked by six lions, but after an intense and burdensome battle, the buffalo pulls a trick from its sleeve.

The lion was probably just as surprised as us when the buffalo used its horns in a fatal counterattack.

It’s easy to forget not only that lions aren’t always successful in their hunts, but that they’re also risking their lives every time.

Buffalo Attacked by 6 Lions

After an intense struggle in the water, the buffalo maneuvers its horns and stabs the lion fatally

A hunting expedition is never risk-free, not even if you’re the king of the savannah.

The African buffalo, often underestimated, is in fact the most dangerous of the Big Five – not the lion as you’d probably assume!

The Deadliest Member of the Big 5

Particularly dangerous are the ‘Dagga Boys’, old bulls ousted from the herd, known for their temperamental and aggressive behavior.

Buffaloes have seriously impressive horns (spanning up to several feet), which are not just for show.

When threatened, buffaloes lower their heads and charge, using their horns to strike or toss their adversaries.

Horns For Defense

This method is particularly effective against predators like lions, who often underestimate the strength and agility of these large herbivores.

Other than giving them an iconic look, horns are a crucial part of the buffalo’s anatomy for survival.

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