By Josie  November 15th, 2023

Bunny Called Officer Hops Joins the Californian Police Force

Are you ready to meet the bunny who’s joined the Californian Police Force? Officer Hops is armed with cuteness and a great deal of fluff.

Found abandoned and alone, Hops was discovered by a compassionate officer during a routine call.

Unconventional Recruitment

Demonstrating an immediate connection and trust, his domesticated nature was evident from the start. 

He was taken to an animal shelter, but when no one claimed him a member of the police force decided to adopt him.

He is tasked with the crucial role of a wellness officer. This means that Hops provides emotional support and stress relief to officers and staff.

The Duties of Officer Hops

By offering the calming influence of his cuddles, Hops plays a vital role in maintaining the mental health and well-being of the department.

Their ability to bond with humans and provide comfort without the need for words makes them ideal for roles in stress relief and emotional support.

Do Bunnies Make Good Emotional Support Pets?

Bunnies like Officer Hops can bring a sense of peace and calmness, essential in high-pressure environments like police departments.

While bunnies are adept at providing emotional support, it’s crucial to remember that they too have emotions and needs.

Don't Forget Their Needs

A relaxed posture, gentle nudging, or a contented purring sound indicates happiness.

Meanwhile, flattened ears, thumping, or hiding is a signal of fear or distress.

His adorable presence serves as a bridge between the police force and the people they serve.

Connecting the Community with Cuteness

Swipe up to watch the footage!

Swipe up to watch the footage!