Burping Kittens Is An Actual Job

Kittens have a way of capturing our hearts with their adorable antics and playful nature

But did you know that one essential, albeit lesser-known, aspect of kitten care is burping?

Yes, you read that right – burping kittens is a real job, and it plays a  crucial role in ensuring the well-being of these tiny feline companions

Burping kittens might seem unconventional, but it serves a vital purpose

Just like human infants, kittens can ingest air while feeding

This trapped air can lead to discomfort, colic, and even life-threatening complications if left unaddressed

When kittens consume milk, whether from their mother or a bottle, they may gulp down air alongside it

Burping helps release this excess air, preventing discomfort and promoting proper digestion.

Kittens are born without the ability to burp on their own, making it crucial for their caregivers to assist in this process

Unlike adult cats, their esophageal muscles are not fully developed, which can lead to air trapping in their tiny tummies

Burping kittens is a delicate task that requires gentle handling and patience

There are many more interesting facts to discover about this feline beauty.

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