By Josie  October 13th, 2023

Cheeky Horse Farts In Dog’s Face Before Galloping Away

If you’re an older sibling you can probably relate to the cheeky behavior of this cheeky horse that farts in this dog’s face.

This cheeky horse  is clearly a younger brother or sister, and know exactly how to drive its siblings crazy..

Grulla Quarter horses like Sven are known for their distinctive mouse-colored coats, dark manes, and the primal dun stripe

Sven the Grulla Quarter Horse

At 13 years old, Sven embodies the majestic beauty and robust physique characteristic of his breed.

The video captures Sven in his most playful mood, running through the forest with the grace only a horse of his stature could muster.

With impeccable timing, Sven lets out a fart just as he passes one of the dogs.

The Footage

Whether a calculated move or a serendipitous accident, it makes it a story that will be recounted with chuckles for years to come.

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Not all dogs and horses naturally get along; it’s essential to consider their individual temperaments.

Horses and Dogs

Some dog breeds, especially those descended from hunting breeds, might be prone to attacking horses

But - when introduced properly, the bond between these two species can be strong and enriching as seen between the buddies in the video.

Swipe up to watch the video!

Swipe up to watch the video!