Chimp & Man Share A Moment

An extraordinary encounter where a chimp uses a visitors hands as a cup to drink water from a puddle.

A french photographer named Pieri, was visiting the Papaye International sanctuary in Cameroon, where he had a timeless experience.

This encounter included a chimpanzee that the center had rescued.

When the chimp locked eyes with Pieri, he called him over.

He then gently took his hands and made them into a cup.

Using the cupped hands, he dipped them into a puddle of water and brought them to his mouth to take a refreshing sip.

After drinking the water, the chimp proceeded to wash Pieri hands.

Washing another being is a sign of friendship from the chimpanzee.

An epic moment between man and animal caught on film.

The sanctuary is an association dedicated to saving, protecting and rehabilitating orphaned chimpanzees.

Generally they are victims of poaching and trafficking.

There is still more to learn about these incredible creatures!

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