By Josie  January 11th, 2024

Close Call with a Massive Bear on Snowmobile

Even without this heart-racing encounter with a massive bear, the footage from this snowmobile ride in Paramushir, Russia, is enough to make your jaw drop.

The beauty of isolated places like this always comes with the possibility of encountering dangerous wildlife.

Two snowmobilers were out and about when they unexpectedly encountered this massive bear.

They chase the bear in an attempt to make it leave the area, as it is dangerously close to their fishing camp.

Despite being on snowmobiles, the bear astonishingly keeps pace.

They keep a safe distance until the person filming pulls up behind the bear. They narrowly avoid a confrontation as the bear abruptly stops and turns.

The Footage

Bears are often underestimated in terms of speed. On average, a bear can reach speeds up to 35 miles per hour.

How Fast Can Bears Run?

This is surprisingly fast, considering their size and bulk. The video demonstrates this remarkable speed, as the bear nearly matches the pace of the snowmobiles.

Not all bears hibernate, and the timing can vary based on location and food availability.

Shouldn't the Bear Be Hibernating?

In Paramushir, where food sources may still be accessible, bears can be active year-round.

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Swipe up for the video!