Creepy Cockroaches in Ohio

Pests like cockroaches are available everywhere around the world. They are survivors everywhere, and people always use tactics to get rid of these creatures.

In Ohio, five types of creepy cockroaches live in the state. Let’s look  at these five types and the characteristics that differentiate them.

Types of Cockroaches

German cockroaches are the most common type of creepy roach in Ohio.

#1 German Cockroaches

You may think they are from America, right? You are unfortunately wrong, they are not.

#2 American Cockroaches

They get their name because they have brown bands on the abdominal part of their bodies.

#3 Brown Banded Cockroaches

Oriental cockroaches in Ohio are the larger creepy types, also known as water bugs. It is because they live in damp areas.

#4 Oriental Cockroach

These are the oldest species and have been in the world for over 300 million years.

#5 Pennsylvania Wood Cockroaches

Creepy cockroaches in Ohio are present in buildings, under sewers, wood logs, and restaurants.

More Info

The life cycle stage of all these five species is the same. They all-lay eggs that are in capsules, their eggs are then converted into nymphs, which are then transformed into adults.

Their Lifecyle

Flying cockroaches have two sets of body-length wings; non-flying cockroaches lack long or shorter wings.


Roaches are common in Ohio. They are a nightmare for homeowners because they infest the home and create unsanitary conditions.


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