By Josie  January 10th, 2023

Crocodile Eats Another Crocodile's Foot  

Crocodiles are one of the dinosaurs’ closest relatives and brutal predators.

They can be so brutal that they don’t hesitate that they chomp down on their companions, like this crocodile seen eating its friend’s foot.

Crocodile Eats Another's Foot

As chickens are tossed into the enclosure, one crocodile, perhaps driven by hunger or instinct, bites down on another’s foot, mistaking it for chicken.

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Although this crocodile mistook its companion’s foot for dinner, it escaped unscathed thanks to the crocodile’s hardy armor.

Measured at a staggering 3,700 pounds per square inch, it’s strong enough to crush bones with ease.

A Crocodile's Bite Force

This immense force is necessary for their survival, helping them catch and consume their prey, which includes fish, birds, and occasionally, mammals.

In captivity, crocodiles are typically fed a diet that mimics their natural food sources.

A Captive Crocodile's Diet

This includes fish, meat, and in some cases, poultry like chickens.

Despite being massive animals, adult crocodiles can survive on a few pounds of meat per week, thanks to their slow metabolism.

Months Without Eating

In the wild, they can go months without a meal, depending on the availability of prey.

Many farms and zoos adopt this infrequent feeding to align with their natural habits.

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