By Josie  August 25th, 2023

Crocodile Family Found Living In Pavement

In the hustling and bustling streets of India, you can find anything - even a family of crocodiles as it turns out.

A video from India captured the moment when three crocodiles were found living under a concrete pavement.

The Discovery

The video shows two men attempting to capture one, but to their astonishment, two more crocodiles emerge from sidewalk.

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This incredible discovery reminds us of the impressive resilience of these ancient reptiles.

After all, they’re the cousins of dinosaurs.

As cities expand and natural habitats shrink, it forces animals to venture into human-dominated landscapes in search of food and shelter.

The Impact of Urbanization

In the central Gujarat region of India, there’s a unique and beautiful coexistence between humans and crocodiles.

The local communities share their villages with “mugger” crocodiles, that can sometimes reach up to 16 feet in length.

Mugger Crocodiles

Despite occasional bites on humans or livestock, the villagers take pride in “their muggers”.

Remarkably, the locals have constructed islands within these ponds to provide safe basking spots for the crocodiles.

Peaceful Co-Existing

Crocodiles In Hindu Culture

The reason behind the villagers’ empathetic attitude towards crocodiles is related to the importance of crocodiles in Hindu culture.

In Hinduism, the crocodile, or Makara, holds significant importance.

Legends and deities often intertwine with this ancient reptile.

Kamadeva, the God of Love, has the crocodile as his emblem, and his consort Rati is often depicted with it.

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