By Josie  January 4th, 2024

Dog Has Staring Contest with Bear From Bedroom Window

Visits by bears in suburban neighborhoods are almost becoming the norm rather than an exception.

In this instance, the family’s dog caught the bear red-handed right outside the bedroom window and challenged it to an intense staring contest.

The Footage

As it stares out the bedroom window, the dog locks eyes with a huge bear climbing a tree and challenges it to a staring contest.

By the looks of it, the dog walks away a winner as the bear is seemingly put off by the dog and begins its decent from the tree.

Encounters between dogs and bears, while uncommon, can lead to unpredictable outcomes.

Bear and Dog Altercations

Bears, generally solitary animals, may perceive dogs as threats, especially if they feel cornered or if cubs are present.

Conversely, dogs, owing to their protective instincts, might confront a bear, unwittingly escalating a potentially dangerous situation.

Bears, by nature, are wary of unfamiliar threats and may retreat when faced with a barking, aggressive dog.

Are Bears Afraid of Dogs?

However, their reaction largely depends on the context - a mother bear with cubs might react aggressively to protect her young.

When encountering wild animals like bears, a dog’s instinct to defend might inadvertently provoke an aggressive response from the animal.

Man's Overprotective Best Friend

This protective behavior, while well-intentioned, can sometimes create more dangerous situations.

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