By Josie  July 31st, 2023

Did You Know That Wolves Like Blueberries?

Despite their reputation as fierce hunters and carnivores, research shows that Wolves really like blueberries.

The discovery was an “accidental” result of research conducted by the Voyageurs Wolf Project from the University of Minnesota.

How the Discovery Was Made

The researchers also observed an adult wolf regurgitating blueberries for its pups, a behavior previously undocumented.


Wolves also brought back blueberries from other sites for their pups, emphasized the importance of blueberries in their diet.

Astonishingly, their research showed that berries could make up to 83% of the weekly diet of wolf packs during the berry season!


The findings suggest that wolves might be using berries to meet their pups’ minimum food needs or to help them survive when prey is scarce.

Blueberry-picking is extremely energy efficient, as opposed to hunting which requires a considerable expenditure of energy.

Energy Efficiency Advantage

The fact that wolves like bluebrries underscores the adaptability of wolves to their environment and their ability to exploit diverse food sources.

The research indicates that wolves are adept fishers and beavers, surprisingly, also form a substantial part of their diet.

Other Findings From the  Project

Wolves are fitted with GPS collars that provide detailed insights into their movements, territories, and behavior patterns.

Research Methods

In addition to GPS tracking, the project uses strategically placed cameras to visually monitor wolf behavior.

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