By Josie  February 23rd, 2024

10 Exotic Animals You Can Keep as Pets in Florida

Florida, known for its warm climate and Disneyland. Other than this though, this state also has some of the most lenient laws regarding exotic pet ownership in the United States.

In Florida, owning an alligator as a pet is highly regulated due to their potential danger to humans and the complex care they require.

#1 Alligators

Bats require specialized care, including unique enclosures and diets, reflecting their natural habitat.

#2 Bats

To own a sloth in Florida, individuals must obtain a Class III permit, which involves detailing the pet’s care and housing conditions.

#3 Sloths

Prospective owners often consider descenting, but it’s crucial to weigh the ethical and health implications for the animal.

#4 Skunks

These social creatures need a lot of attention and a special diet, and they are quite common as pets in the state.

#5 Sugar Gliders

They require ample grazing space and are social, so keeping more than one is advisable.

#6 Llamas

They have specific temperature and dietary needs and are known for their soft fur.

#7 Chinchillas

Owning bison is legal without a permit, though they’re not common due to their size and the space required.

#8 Bison

Raccoons, classified under Class III wildlife, can be owned without a permit but pose significant challenges, including potential aggression and the risk of rabies.

#9 Raccoons

Servals require a permit to own and are not common pets due to their wild nature and specific care requirements.

#10 Serval Cats

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