Mojave Rattlesnake Bite

Mojave rattlesnake bite is extremely dangerous.

With its potent venom and ability to strike quickly, this species has  been responsible for the most severe snakebite cases in the United  States.

Fortunately, with proper first aid and prompt medical care, you can  survive a rattlesnake bite and go on to put it far behind you.

Knowing the signs and symptoms of a bite can assist you with looking for help rapidly and possibly save your life.

The venom of a Mojave rattler contains strong neurotoxins that can influence the sensory system and cause paralysis.

Symptoms may include pain, swelling, bruising, and redness around the bite area.

The affected limb may feel numb or tingly, with muscle weakness or twitching.

You must seek medical attention immediately if you suspect a Mojave rattlesnake bite.

Move to a safe area: The first step is to move yourself or the victim to a safe location away from the snake.

Remember the snake’s appearance details, which can help medical professionals administer the correct anti-venom.

Call for help: Immediately call for emergency medical assistance or dial 911.

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