Discover Ohio's Most Dangerous Animals

Discover Ohio's Most Dangerous Animals

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Dangerous Spiders in Ohio:


Distinctive hourglass-shaped patterns on their abdomen and formidable venom

Black Widow Spiders

Brown Recluse 

light brown color, these spiders have a recognizable violin-shaped back marking

Dangerous Animals in Ohio’s Lakes and Rivers:

Channel Catfish:

Known for their sharp spines that can cause serious injuries if stepped on or touched

Snapping Turtle:

Known for their strong jaws, which can be used as serious weapons by these animals if provoked

Dangerous Mammals in Ohio:

Black Bears:

If you come across a black bear, make loud noises and appear as large as possible to scare it away


Generally not aggressive toward humans, they may attack if threatened

White-Tailed Deer:

They can cause severe accidents, specifically when they cross roads at night

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