Largest Halibut Ever 

Are you currently wondering what the largest halibut ever caught is?

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Beyond their allure for anglers, they also offer a delicious culinary experience.

This famous halibut was an outstanding 459 pounds!

It was caught by a fisherman name Jack Tragis in 1996 off the coast of Alaska.

Evidently still till this day is the considered the largest halibut ever caught by a sport fisherman.

However, a fisherman caught a 515-pound halibut, in Norway, in 2004.

This gigantic fish was so massive that it was towed back to shore by a submarine!

Comparatively, In Kjollefjord, Norway, a fisherman caught a 540-pound halibut in 2013.

This large fish barely fit in the boat!

There is still more to learn about these incredible creatures!

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