Do Cockroaches Bite?

Have you ever wondered whether cockroaches bite?

Cockroaches range from half an inch to 2 inches long.


Cockroaches are attracted to food sources like crumbs or scraps left out  overnight; they also seek out damp areas to stay moist and shelter from  predators or other threats.


The best way to keep your home free of cockroaches is to ensure there aren’t any potential food sources for them to eat


These creepy pests pose several problems for homeowners. They  contaminate food, spread disease, cause allergies and asthma, and  produce an unpleasant odor that alerts people to their presence.

The Problem

Yes, cockroaches can bite people.

So... Do they bite?

While it is uncommon for cockroaches to bite humans, there have been cases of them biting humans in certain situations.


Cockroach bites usually occur when a person is sleeping or if the cockroach feels threatened.

When would they bite?

A cockroach will often bite a person as an automatic response to defend itself when it cannot escape a situation.

The Reason

When this happens, the bite may be small and painless, leaving only a small red mark on the skin.


In rare cases, however, a more severe reaction, such as an allergic reaction or infection at the bite site, may occur.

Rare & Severe

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