By Josie  September 5th, 2023

Dog Stops Fight Between Tiger and Lion

A dog stops a fight between a tiger and a lion – as if this unexpected trio of friends wasn’t already unique enough.

Let's investigate!

The setting of this event is believed to be a sanctuary or a similar establishment.

Either way, it defies the conventional norms of animal habitats seen in accredited zoos.

In a display of courage and unity, the dog steps in to prevent a clash between the lion and the tiger.

Dog Stops Fight Between Tiger and Lion

The intervention showcases the deep bonds of friendship that have formed over time amongst the trio.

Unlikely Friends


Perhaps the dog might have fostered the two when they were just cubs. If so, they share a maternal connection that transcends species boundaries.

A Strong Bond

In various zoos globally, dogs are playing a pivotal role in the upbringing and nurturing of big cats.

A Proven Method

Such interactions help in the healthy development of the big cats, allowing them to thrive in the zoo environment.

Dgs are excellent teachers, providing them with essential social cues and playful interactions

Canine Teachers

By being a calming presence, dogs teach big cats how to cope with stress and anxiety more effectively.

Through their friendship, dogs teach big cats the value of companionship and affection.

Dogs can teach social cues that are vital for the big cats to understand and respond to different situations appropriately.

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Swipe up to see the video!