By Josie  August 15th, 2023

Your Dog Can Stay At the Plaza Thanks To This Dog

Dogs visiting New York can stay at the Plaza – all thanks to a dog called nothing less than Pinky Panky Poo.

Mrs. Patrick Campbell, a renowned actress, owned Pinky Panky Poo, gifted by King Leopold II.

Who's dog was it?

Mrs. Patrick Campbell, born Beatrice Rose Stella Tanner in 1865 in Kensington, London, was a celebrated stage actress of her time.

Despite her cinematic success, it was often her dog, Pinky Panky Poo, who often took center stage in media coverage during her visits to America.

According to documentation, he had “bright, black, beady eyes,” he had “weedy” fur, and his paws were likened to “overgrown spiders’ legs.”

Pinky Panky Poo

While his exact breed is not definitively confirmed, he was often referred to as a “monkey griffon,” suggesting a Brussels Griffon lineage

When Mrs. Campbell arrived at the Plaza in 1907 the hotel surprised her with their strict no-dog policy.

A Change of Rule

Recognizing the potential public relations disaster of turning away such a prominent guest and her well-publicized dog.

A Dilemma

In a swift decision that would set a precedent, the managing director chose to amend the hotel’s policy to accommodate small pets on the spot.

Now Dogs Can Stay At the Plaza

After Pinky Panky Poo's passing, Mrs Campbell adopted "Pinky Panky Poo Two" and later got a Pekingese named "Wung-Wung Wah-Wah Woosh-Woosh Wish-Wish Bang."

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