By Josie  December 19th, 2023

Drunk and Passed Out Pig Rolls Down Hill

After accidentally consuming fermented corn, this little pig found itself experiencing the effects of alcohol.

Its owner finds it drunk and passed out and struggles to wake him from its drunken stupor.

This drunken situation arose after the pig got into a bucket of fermented corn.

The farmer, displaying a mix of concern and bewilderment, struggles to rouse the pig.

When the farmer tries to wake him up he rolls down a hill, and when the pig finally stirs, its walk is wobbly and unstable.

The Footage 

Fermentation, a natural process where sugar is converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide, often occurs in fruits and grains.

The Science Behind Fermentation

This process can unintentionally create alcoholic substances that attract animals due to their sweet smell and taste.

Animals react to alcohol similarly to humans, but the impact can be more severe due to their smaller size and different metabolism.

Does Alcohol Have the Same Effect on Animals?

For animals, even a small amount of alcohol can be toxic, leading to disorientation, dehydration, and in severe cases, coma or death.

An intoxicated animal can become unpredictable, posing a threat to itself, other animals, and humans.

Drunken Dangers

They might even exhibit aggressive behavior or become more prone to accidents, like falling into water or off ledges.

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